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God With Us

When the angel told Joseph that this special child was to be called “Immanuel” it was more than just a statement of God’s presence. The Old Testament story behind this promise helps us see Christmas from a whole new perspective.

Fourth sermon in the Christmas Experience series – Preached 22 December 2013

Favored By God – Faithful To God

Mary and Joseph teach us so much at Christmas. Both about how we are favored by God and how we are to respond to God’s favor with faithfulness.

Second sermon in the Christmas Experience series – Preached 8 December 2013

How Can We Replace The Ho Hums With Ho Ho Ho?

How can we capture the wonder and the glory of Christmas again this year?

Preached 12/23/2012

Good reminder about Christmas

The Who of Christmas

Second sermon in the “Christmas for Dummies” series.     Preached 12/12/10

The Why of Christmas

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Maybe George Costanza was right… partly.

In the final season of Seinfeld, the Christmas show was hilarious for many reasons. Who can forget Festivus and the feats of strength? But in one of the sub-plots of this episode George is introduced to the idea of giving money to a charity instead of buying someone a Christmas gift. Of course, George being who he is, realizes that if he creates a phony charity – “The Human Fund” –  he can get credit for giving a Christmas gift without actually giving a gift.
Setting aside George’s motivation for this approach, I think he may be onto something though. How many times at Christmas are we struggling to come up with an idea of what to buy someone that year? Have you ever wandered through the store just looking for something just so you can have a gift to give? Is that really what Christmas is about?
There are many charity options available for donations at Christmas time. Two that I support are Heifer International and Operation Smile.  These two are examples of gifts that “keep on giving” in the lives of those who are helped and even beyond. It doesn’t matter so much which charity you support as long as you are sure the money is actually going where you intend it to go. George’s Human Fund is not the only scam out there, unfortunately.
If you are having trouble finding the right gift for someone this year, consider giving a gift that will truly make a lasting difference in someone’s life. Give a gift to the charity of your choice in the name of someone you love.
Of course, this doesn’t apply to whatever gifts you are going to give to me. I still want the stuff… or just the cash… whichever is easier for you.