Complaint to Sprint for Unethical Practices


Dear Mr. Hesse,

I was a loyal Sprint customer for over 10 years. I have lost count of the number of people that I recommended get Sprint cell phones when they were in the market for one.

However, your unethical practices at Sprint have upset me to the point where I have dropped Sprint and have moved to AT&T.

The long and the short of it was I was told when I signed up for the “Simply Everything” Plan that it included everything even thethering my smart phone to a computer. The representative even laughed when I asked specifically about the inclusion of that feature and he said “The plan includes everything, that’s why we call it the ‘everything’ plan.”

I used the thethering for months until Sprint turned that feature off. When I called, I was told that even though this feature was promised to me, it was never part of my plan. When I challenged this by saying “But I was told this was the ‘simply everything’ plan”, the representative said “But it is PRACTICALLY everything.”

I didn’t sign up for a “practically” everything plan, did I? Sprint’s actions in this case have been deceptive to say the least. I notice that in your newer ads you do not use the “simply everything” title anymore, so you may have decided to change it because of all the confusion.

Nevertheless, I am a Christian and a minister. I cannot continue to support a company that uses deception as a business practice. I will not put my money toward supporting dishonesty. Furthermore, I have begun encouraging others to leave Sprint for the very same reason. Unethical business practices should not be rewarded. Also, I am posting this letter on my blog so others can avoid being lied to by Sprint as well.

Now I ask, is this really the way you think you are going to turn around a struggling company? By upsetting your (shrinking) loyal customer base? Is this really who you want to be, Mr. Hesse, the head of a dishonest company? If you do, then shame on you even more.


Rev. Arthur Werry

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