Unreasonable Christians

Atheists are not alone in labeling Christians as “unreasonable.”  In light of all the evidence for evolution, how can Christians believe in a literal creation?  It is unreasonable.  Add to that all the liberals who believe Christians are unreasonable in our insistence on protection of the unborn.  But there is also a third voice calling for Christians to be reasonable.  God.

But wait!  Isn’t God the One who is always telling us to put aside reason and to walk in faith, not by sight?  How can God think Christians are being unreasonable today?   And the answer is in the area of sacrifice.

In Romans 12, Paul tells us to offer ourselves as “living sacrifices” to God.  But he doesn’t just drop that bomb on us out of the blue.  Paul links the offering of ourselves as living sacrifices with the great mercy of God.  Given the great mercy that God has extended to us, our response back to God should be one of sacrificing ourselves for Him.   And then at the end of vs. 1 in Romans 12, Paul tells us that sacrificing ourselves for God is the reasonable thing to do.  Given all that God has done for us, how can we do any less than give ourselves back to Him completely?

But if sacrificing ourselves to God “in view of His mercy” is the reasonable thing to do, then to NOT offer ourselves as living sacrifices is to be unreasonable.  Yet how many times do we hear ourselves saying "But God understands that I am busy"?   We have convinced ourselves that God is reasonable and that He understands we have so many other things going on in our lives that we don’t have time for Him.

It is past time for us to look at the way we have been living our lives – ignoring God and the reasonable response of sacrificing ourselves for Him.  In light of all God has done and is doing for us each day, how can we think it is acceptable to give God the smallest of scraps of what is left over in our lives?  God thinks that is unreasonable and so should we!

Are you being unreasonable with God?

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