Could This Be Why The SBC Needs A Name Change?

On March 9th, Jared Moore posted a blog article on SBC Voices entitled What does the Koran Teach about Homosexuality in Paradise?   As I read through the post I kept asking myself, “So?  What is the point?” and “Who cares what a religion we don’t accept teaches about a place we don’t believe in?” 

Moore does help clarify what his point is toward the end of his writing when he recommends a video interview by saying “The full interview is worthy of your time and attention if you’re hoping to understand Islam.”   Really? Is this a worthy use of our time?  To study about what Islam teaches about sexuality in the afterlife?

Leaving that aside, though, a more sobering thought did come to mind.  Could this be an example of why many people believe the SBC needs to consider a name change?  We are fast approaching Easter 2012 to celebrate the most exciting and wonderful event in human history.   Are we talking about the power of Jesus over death?  The blessedness of having our sins washed away?  Nope.  Let’s talk about homosexuality in Islamic thought.

Do we really think we are going to reach our world for Christ by knocking what the Koran teaches about pedophilia in paradise?   Will anti-homosexual unbelievers come rushing into the church to embrace Christ  because Christianity rejects such ideas?  Of course not.

We have long known that the SBC “brand” has been tarnished over the years by the various stands we have taken on social issues – especially sexuality and marriage.   Moore’s blog post simply confirms what many people believe about Southern Baptists – that we are obsessed with sex, particularly other people’s sex.

But as others have correctly pointed out, what good is a name change if there isn’t a corresponding change in the “product” the name represents?  Many people don’t reject us simply because of our name, they reject us because of what they see in us and what our name has come to represent.  They see us as anti-gay bigots with nothing better to do than police other people’s bedrooms.  Am I the only one who finds it interesting that this article about homosexuality in the Koran does not mention Jesus Christ even once?

The best way to turn people toward Christ is to show them the beauty of Jesus Christ, not the ugliness of other religions.  I’m betting that if we did that, we would not need or even want to change our name.  Just a thought.

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