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25th Anniversary

It was a joy and an honor to preach for our 25th Anniversary Celebration on September 28, 2014.   Listen to the challenge sermon that I preached from John 15:8  CLICK HERE

Jesus: The Great Divider

Many people have an opinion about who Jesus was.  What is your opinion?  Is it the right one?  Listen to this sermon and see what we learn from people who had differing opinions about Jesus during his ministry.

Seventh sermon in the Meeting Jesus series.  Preached 20 July, 2014.





Eating On A Budget

The feeding of the 5,000 is a favorite story about Jesus for many people.  But the lessons of this miracle go much deeper than just that Jesus can make a lot of food from just a little.  Listen to this sermon to find out why Jesus said we must eat his flesh and drink his blood.

Sixth sermon in the Meeting Jesus series.  Preached 13 July, 2014.

Jesus Helps A Man Who Can’t Help Himself

“God helps those who help themselves” – have you ever heard someone say that?  In John 5 we see a story about a man whom Jesus helped – a man who couldn’t help himself.  In reading about what Jesus did here, we learn more about what Jesus wants to do in our lives today.

Fifth sermon in the Meeting Jesus series.  Preached 6 July, 2014.

Jesus Meets a Messed Up Woman

Do you feel like you have messed up your life?  Jesus met a woman who had done just that.  But in the process of talking the the Samaritan woman, we can learn a great deal about how to witness to people around us about Jesus.  Listen to this sermon to get some witnessing pointers.

Fourth sermon in the Meeting Jesus series.  Preached 29 June, 2014.

Jesus Meets a Confused Man

Many people in the church today are just as confused about Jesus as Nicodemus was in John 3.  Some people who claim to know the most about God and what God expects, actually know very little.   As Jesus confronts Nicodemus with the truth Nicodemus had never heard before, we can learn something important for our lives as well.  Listen to this sermon to find out what it is.

Third sermon in the Meeting Jesus series.  Preached 22 June, 2014.

Cleaning House

Jesus sure was upset the day he cleaned out the temple of the money changers and those selling animals. Exactly what angered Jesus in what he saw?   Are there things we are doing in the church today that Jesus wants to clean out?  Listen to this sermon to find out.

Second sermon in the Meeting Jesus series.  Preached 15 June, 2014.

When the Wine Runs Out

In this new series, we will be looking at Jesus through the eyes of the people who meet him in John’s gospel.  In this first sermon, we will see Jesus as he turns water into wine.  What does this mean?  What does this NOT mean?   John is telling us something about Jesus through this miracle, what is it?  Listen to this sermon to find out.

First sermon in the Meeting Jesus series.  Preached 8 June, 2014.



The God Stuff

If we are growing up in Christ, there will be definite signs that we can point to that will show it.  What are they?  Listen to this sermon to find out.

Tenth and final sermon in the Grow Up series. Preached on 2014 June 1st.

The Inner and the Outer Life

Our maturity as Christians can be seen in how we handle our thoughts and emotions as well as how we relate to each other.  How well do you handle negative thoughts and emotions?  Listen to this sermon to learn what Paul can teach us about the inner and the outer life.

9th sermon in the Grow Up series. Preached on 2014 May 25th.