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An interesting way of looking at “Jesus is the only way to heaven”

Listen to this argument by R. C. Sproul as to why God chose to have only one way to heaven.

8 Simple Instructions for Sharing Christ by Nate Shurden

Here are some witnessing tips that are well worth the read.


8 Simple Instructions for Sharing Christ by Nate Shurden | Ligonier Ministries Blog.

Wrong Priorities

Someone broke into our church again.  The good news is nothing was taken and the damage to the building was minimal.  But as expected, we are looking at what we can do to better secure the building from future mischief. Various ideas have been proposed.  Deadbolts on the windows?  Installing a security system?  Doberman pincers?    The truth of the matter, though, is that someone entered the building through a window that was inadvertently left unlocked.

As I was thinking about what we should do to protect the church, it dawned on me – how often are we leaving the windows of our lives open for easy access by the Enemy who wants to work mischief in our lives?    Did we have  a good security system in place that someone worked hard to circumvent?  No, all he had to do was slide the unlocked window open.  Are we diligent in our efforts to keep Satan at bay in our lives?  No, too often we are leaving the windows open.

Peter put it this way:   “Be alert and of sober mind. Your enemy the devil prowls around like a roaring lion looking for someone to devour.  Resist him…”  (1 Peter 5:8-9a) 

The challenge for us is to look at our lives to see how we are leaving ourselves open for Satan to come in and disrupt our lives.  What windows are you leaving open?  Consider your mind.  How often do we open the windows of our mind to ungodly influences?  We read books that glorify sin.  We listen to music that encourages unrightousness. We watch television shows and movies which portray lifestyles totally opposite from the high calling of Jesus Christ for us.

If we are honest we will admit that it is worse than accidentally leaving a window open for sin here and there.  It is actually much worse.  We throw open the windows of our hearts and minds and joyfully welcome sinful influences in.   Instead of being transformed by the renewing of our minds (Romans 12:2) we allow our minds to be polluted again and again by the thinking of the world more and more.

Peter is clear.  We should be alert and on guard.  The Enemy wants to devour us.   Our actions show that we are not serious about this struggle against sin.  We invite the lion into our lives and then act surprised when we get bitten.

Our priorities are wrong.  Seriously wrong.  We will invest in security systems and locks to keep burglars out of our physical houses.  But then we will do nothing to protect the precious spiritual lives that God has given to us.   We leave the windows and doors open to welcome sin into our lives.

How are you leaving the windows of your life open for Satan to come in?

Take a few minutes to read this…

Dan Barnes wrote a great blog article over on SBC Voices.    Give it a quick read here

Could This Be Why The SBC Needs A Name Change?

On March 9th, Jared Moore posted a blog article on SBC Voices entitled What does the Koran Teach about Homosexuality in Paradise?   As I read through the post I kept asking myself, “So?  What is the point?” and “Who cares what a religion we don’t accept teaches about a place we don’t believe in?” 

Moore does help clarify what his point is toward the end of his writing when he recommends a video interview by saying “The full interview is worthy of your time and attention if you’re hoping to understand Islam.”   Really? Is this a worthy use of our time?  To study about what Islam teaches about sexuality in the afterlife?

Leaving that aside, though, a more sobering thought did come to mind.  Could this be an example of why many people believe the SBC needs to consider a name change?  We are fast approaching Easter 2012 to celebrate the most exciting and wonderful event in human history.   Are we talking about the power of Jesus over death?  The blessedness of having our sins washed away?  Nope.  Let’s talk about homosexuality in Islamic thought.

Do we really think we are going to reach our world for Christ by knocking what the Koran teaches about pedophilia in paradise?   Will anti-homosexual unbelievers come rushing into the church to embrace Christ  because Christianity rejects such ideas?  Of course not.

We have long known that the SBC “brand” has been tarnished over the years by the various stands we have taken on social issues – especially sexuality and marriage.   Moore’s blog post simply confirms what many people believe about Southern Baptists – that we are obsessed with sex, particularly other people’s sex.

But as others have correctly pointed out, what good is a name change if there isn’t a corresponding change in the “product” the name represents?  Many people don’t reject us simply because of our name, they reject us because of what they see in us and what our name has come to represent.  They see us as anti-gay bigots with nothing better to do than police other people’s bedrooms.  Am I the only one who finds it interesting that this article about homosexuality in the Koran does not mention Jesus Christ even once?

The best way to turn people toward Christ is to show them the beauty of Jesus Christ, not the ugliness of other religions.  I’m betting that if we did that, we would not need or even want to change our name.  Just a thought.

Great Christmas Video – iPads and iPhones

Complaint to Sprint for Unethical Practices


Dear Mr. Hesse,

I was a loyal Sprint customer for over 10 years. I have lost count of the number of people that I recommended get Sprint cell phones when they were in the market for one.

However, your unethical practices at Sprint have upset me to the point where I have dropped Sprint and have moved to AT&T.

The long and the short of it was I was told when I signed up for the “Simply Everything” Plan that it included everything even thethering my smart phone to a computer. The representative even laughed when I asked specifically about the inclusion of that feature and he said “The plan includes everything, that’s why we call it the ‘everything’ plan.”

I used the thethering for months until Sprint turned that feature off. When I called, I was told that even though this feature was promised to me, it was never part of my plan. When I challenged this by saying “But I was told this was the ‘simply everything’ plan”, the representative said “But it is PRACTICALLY everything.”

I didn’t sign up for a “practically” everything plan, did I? Sprint’s actions in this case have been deceptive to say the least. I notice that in your newer ads you do not use the “simply everything” title anymore, so you may have decided to change it because of all the confusion.

Nevertheless, I am a Christian and a minister. I cannot continue to support a company that uses deception as a business practice. I will not put my money toward supporting dishonesty. Furthermore, I have begun encouraging others to leave Sprint for the very same reason. Unethical business practices should not be rewarded. Also, I am posting this letter on my blog so others can avoid being lied to by Sprint as well.

Now I ask, is this really the way you think you are going to turn around a struggling company? By upsetting your (shrinking) loyal customer base? Is this really who you want to be, Mr. Hesse, the head of a dishonest company? If you do, then shame on you even more.


Rev. Arthur Werry